Wednesday, 3 February 2016

China Travel Diary: West Lake Show

If you ever manage to go to Hangzhou in China, you cannot leave without seeing the Impression West Lake show. A show entirely based in the lake, directed by Zhang Yimou using dance, music, lighting and theatrics. It's simply stunning. The story and myths of Hangzhou are beautifully depicted in the show. One definitely not to be missed.

Thinking I am about to start my day right with some herbal tea.

Early mornings make for walking around the hotel and local park...

After walking around for some time, I ended up in the spa. Can you blame me? It was absolutely beautiful. 

After The Rob was back from work, we ended up going for a bike ride around the lake. We wrapped up and went along our way. Picking up some coffee before heading to the Impression West Lake Show.

How pretty is the West Lake?

The illuminated trees and hills are visually incredible!

The Impression West Lake Show:

Hope you enjoyed!

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