Wednesday, 3 February 2016

China Travel Diary: Travelling to Hangzhou

Onto our trip to Hangzhou. This stop was the main reason for tagging along to the Rob's work trip. This is one of the largest cities of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China which has the most stunning West Lake. After a few google searches I was sold, and booked my ticket. Stay tuned to see the true beauty of Hangzhou. In the meantime enjoy my journey...

One thing which is very evident in China is the populations addiction to smartphones. I mean, we are all addicted to them here in the UK but what I witnessed in China was unreal. Hardly anyone was talking at airports or train stations, hence the need for charging power stations literally everywhere. Majority of them were fully booked and people hanging from their wires glued to them. I wonder how long till London become like that. 

How pretty are these domestic airports? 

All boarded and ready to go.

Landed into Hangzhou 

WIFI everywhere! The only downside was that Instagram and Facebook were banned in China, so access to these social media platforms were very limited. 

We arrived early evening, grabbed some food in the lobby restaurant and headed out to explore the hotel. 


Literally dreaming about going back for a dip. 

The next morning, due to jet lag, we were up and awake super early. Although it was mid December and gloomy, we wrapped up and headed out for a walk and to discover what in the area. 

After breakfast the mister booked a West Lake trip from our hotel. We got ready and headed out quickly as the sun came through.

The West Lake is a stunning freshwater lake, and has inspired many artists and poets throughout the years.  Can you blame them? It looked stunning in December so imagine what it is like in the height of summer!


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