Thursday, 4 February 2016

China Travel Diary: Heading back to Shanghai & London

After a few amazing days in Hangzhou China, enjoying the wintery crisp mornings and chilly glittering nights, it was time to pack our bags and head back to Shanghai for a day before heading back to reality. 

Do not ask what all of this is on my plate. I pair foods in a very odd manner. Do not judge, lol.

After fuelling on breakfast and caffeine, I had the morning to kill. So I grabbed my camera and went on for another stroll.

Pretty wintery waterways within the Four Seasons Hotel, just imagine this in summer!
Winter berries

How pretty is the hotel?

After my morning stroll I squeezed one more spa treatment before packing my luggage.

All loaded and ready, off we went!

phone addictions

Back in Shanghai, checking in again.

My last day in Shanghai was so bittersweet, I only had a few hours to visit the French Concession. I wish I stayed in Shanghai longer. The french concession is such a cute part of the city. My absolute favourite!

They had an abundance of very cute boutiques.

Such a cute vintage independant.
How cute is the owner?

Waking up I wanted to cry. I never kew how much I would love China. I loved every city I visited and couldn't recommend visiting the country more. Grab your passports and book your tickets!

Till next time! x

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