Saturday, 25 October 2014

London Weekends

When you think you're going to be a lazy bum and not do anything all day, and it turns out completely different…well today was on of those!

The only thing that got me out of the house was the weather! It was gloriously sunny in london and what else better to do on the perfect autumnal day?…head to the outdoor markets!

I have been eyeing something up for a while and finally took the plunge! 

Keep scrolling to find out what…

I have ordered from Biscuiteers for years and finally stumbled upon their shop! 

Biscuit Heaven!

Okay so here it goes… I spotted it!...

I saw other colours...

I tried it on...

Then went to HEAVEN!…

Then i had to put it down...

…and think about it...

But then I came across this BADASS! 
Unfortunately I would have to sell a limb but… not today, I'm afraid.
I had to bitterly hand it back to the vendor :(

We then ventured off for dinner and the movie, Gone Girl with my cousins :)
Perfect day for what was supposed to be, me hibernating at home. 



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  1. That's a coincidence!!! I almost bought the exact same scarf/shawl when out shopping with my sister this weekend. It made my big shoulders look bigger though. The colour suits your hair.


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