Friday, 3 October 2014

BEAST Night Of My Life

Part two of the Mister's birthday was dark, full of laughter and flavoursome...

Walking in the restaurant, you literally see the BEAST in the foyer where a kind hostess ushered us all to head to the floor below, down underground.

Once the hugs and air kisses were underway in the lift, we suddenly got the shock of seeing racks and racks of raw beef hanging right in front of us. To our astonishment, we stumble out and the next thing we see is tanks full of rather relaxed looking crabs. Rather perplexed, our host greeted us, and explained what was in store for us all that evening.

Huge, medieval communal dining tables, lined with dripping wax candles, and a invitation into the kitchen. What more could you want?

The birthday boy even got to hold his live dinner before it was served on his plate. 

Clearly someone is having too much fun, blurry pics and we haven't even ordered… haha

Starters were a mahoosive wedge of parmesan cheese, pickles and olives. 

This is where it began, they slowly started bringing over the steaks and king crabs.

The explanation of the feast...

Veggie galore. An unbeatable feast.

5 guys and this was the only decent photo of us. >_<


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