Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I Like Big Books & I Cannot Lie!

Todays post is about a book shop. It may sound boring, but wait, not any ordinary book shop, this is DAUNT BOOKS. 

Situated on the ever so trendy Marylebone High Street, it doesn't do much from the outside but wait until you step in...

... It's a book worms dream. Rows and rows of mahogany antique shelves filled with stories from all over the world and authors, old and new. 

They host every genre under the sun, but specialising in travel, down the old wooden staircase leading to the basement...

The actual Edwardian building is simply stunning, I would never have guessed all this was hidden inside. Stained glass windows, and worn in banisters, that only add to the character of this unique book store. I was literally in awe.

Although the store isn't huge, the one thing I love about Daunt Books is that they hold no stock whatsoever. The shelves are tightly packed, and you're bound to find the book you're looking for and if you can't, don't fret, the owner will source one for the next day. I find something quite special about the "what you see is what you get" feel of this organisation. 

As specialists in 'travel', I quickly scooted downstairs to seek out the Bangladesh section, to my disappointment they literally had one shelf with 4 measly books. I was pretty upset, but kept optimistic- maybe everyone had bought them that day?!

Nevertheless I wandered into the India/Iran/Japan sections where there was an abundance of choice of amazing books! 

Can't wait to go back solely to pick out a few books with more time. 

Other Daunt Book locations: Chelsea, Cheapside, Holland Park, Belsize Park 

Enjoy x


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