Tuesday, 13 September 2016

MOMOs Evening...

Last Friday, I was told to be ready for something in the evening, and girls being girls, I was desperate to know what that something was, a boat trip, a trip somewhere, the cinema, a dinner, but the Rob was not giving any clues away. 

I'm the type of girl who will ALWAYS go home and fully get ready for a night out, I feel so uncomfortable going straight from work like every other girl does. The whole whack on some lippy, smoke out your eyeshadow thing never worked for me...but since moving to London, time is of the essence! I literally have to manage everything around travelling and how long that will take getting somewhere, even considering that, I'm still pretty much late to most things! Which I'm working on. 

Saying that, last Friday I had no option but to go straight from work, and I think I've managed the art of it. I kept the makeup neutral as I went to work with it, and my hair was just clipped back, I had no time for curls, wahhh! 

Anyways, the evening was a dinner date at a London hot spot called MOMO. The food was delicious and on point, the decor was beautiful and the staff were abnormally super friendly and buzzing with energy! 



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