Tuesday, 13 September 2016

GUMBALL 3000 - London Edition 20

Ever since I was in my teens I have always been interested in not only cars but Supercars. I think it all comes down to the fact I spent a lot of time with my brother growing up and took interest in the things he liked too. 

I remember when I got to choose my first car I would search online all night through all the car blogs, search all the kitted out cars, body kits and wheels and I would then proceed to print the images off and sneak them into my papa's briefcase. Hinting at what I wanted. 

Browsing these blogs, I stumbled upon the Gumball races and I remember them taking place in America and everywhere else but Manchester! Ever since then I've dreamt of attending....

Saying that, a couple of weeks ago I was in the Regents street vicinity and saw banners in the sky with "GUMBALL 3000" all over them and they were coming to LONDON again! 

With my sheer excitement I noted the dates in my calendar and made sure I was in town. 

We met up with a few cousins and headed over in the evening, as their UK schedule was; Scotland, Manchester then London Before they went on to Paris. 

It was a pure night of car enthusiasts, exhilirating revs, perfect body modifications, glossy and matt coverings and one of a kit body kits all on display at this years Miami-Ibiza Gumball 3000

Enjoy x

Ps. Wish I took my SLR.


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