Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Colombia Rd, Sunday Flower Market

Colombia Rd Sunday Flower Market has been on my hit list the past couple of weekends but due to wedding shenanigans, trips up to Cheshire and other distractions I was unable to make it, until last Sunday.

Even though the house was full,  and our street having the annual street party, I knew I had to head out since we had blue skies and it would have been the perfect setting to have a stroll looking for flowers and plants.

After a late brunch, to the EAST we headed!

vintage stores are scattered all around the walk up to Colombia Rd

Buskers, entertaining the passersby

Iced coffees galore for the heatwave!

the East part of London has the quirkiest shops

Perfect season to have visited! PEONY PERFECT!

Flowers that are cheap as chips!

YAY! Found my FUSCHIA plant I was looking for. What a BARGAIN!

snacks in case you become peckish

extra happy with my fuchsia and tomato plants!


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