Tuesday, 20 May 2014


It's second anniversary time! How on earth has this time just flown by? Well, however that was, it was indeed time for a vacation to celebrate! 

With the mister being in Hong Kong, Australia and South Korea a lot recently, we decided we would fly out to a bucket list destination of mine for a few days to relax before we both got back to our work lives. 

Bags packed, off we went…

Enjoy x

Who said Black & Blue never go together? We sure do :P

I wouldn't mind this kind of service on my everyday long commutes on London!

The only way to recharge in Italy for a pit stop in our travels.

Finally, a lift selfie to celebrate our arrival in Campania, Southern Italy!

Quick refresh and we had to squeeze in dinner before everything closed for the night. 

delectable prawns, simply chargrilled. nothing fussy, just simply delicious. 

Mister Rob got their famous sea bass in lemon butter….NOM!

All done for the night :P

Back at the hotel, I had to unpack, I hate living out of my luggage. All laid out, wish my wardrobe was as simple as this back home. 

Good night!

Till tomorrow!

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