Saturday, 22 February 2014

Notting Hill Jewels

I couldn't have gone to Portobello Road markets and come back empty handed, right? 

I wasn't looking for anything specific, but I stumbled across a vendor selling these beautiful rings. I literally had to filter through his collection for ages trying to find the perfect colour combination! Once done, I had to sift  through them all again trying to find them in my size, finally just before I was about to give up I found the perfect set of 3! 

Stack 'em.
Swap 'em.

My new obsession, I think I may have to go back to add to my collection!

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Portobello Saturdays!

The boy is abroad on business and my family have gone travelling for a few months so since I knew this weekends weather was meant to be delicious, I got up got up, wrapped up and found myself pondering whether to head to Covent Garden, Kings Road or Portobello, as you've figured, Portobello Road won!

After a dreadful few weeks of rain, blustering winds and almost the entire UK being under red alert from floods, the clouds decided to clear away and the sun was shining bright. Everyone clearly had a spring in their step with a feeling of spring on it's way. I clearly joined in, and went strolling down looking at the knick knacks, vintages jewels and furniture, then i finally ended up having coffee in one of my favourite places in Notting Hill. 

Stall vendors, stopping for a hot cup of tea!

Beach Blanket Babylon:

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Cakes are for Basics!

Yes that's right, today's blog is celebrating the birthday of a beautiful cousin of mine. Over the couple of years we have shopped, laughed, ate, ate and ate some more! So celebrating her birthday had to be at one of London's finest places. 

Although it was mid week, the 6 of us had one of the best nights. We headed over to Blakes which is beautiful gem in South Ken that my cousins introduced us to. The boutique hotel is stunning from the outside and the rooms are to die for with some award winning interiors. 

Blakes is a very safari-jap-vintage-esque restaurant which was so quirky and unique. It was Instagram heaven as you'll be able to tell. Their staff were very accommodating to our needs and the food was so scrumptious and the dessert... Well you'll just have to keep reading on. 

I hope you all haven't skipped breakfast as your tummy is about start grumbling even more! 

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