Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sushi & Cake!

The other week Mister Rob and I cheekily skipped the gym and headed out for an early dinner date, and may I add I think I have found my FAVOURITE dessert venue in London. I am planning all visits from friends and family around this little joint to taste all their delectable cakes and truffles. I am OBSESSED! 

We started off with mains at a tiny little sushi eatery just off High Street Kensington. The sushi is fresh and delicious!

Oh goodness...

... I think ...

... I need to go back again! 

After our sushi cravings were satisfied, Mister Rob suggested since we'd skipped the gym we might as well go all out and go for dessert plus he really wanted to take me to a particular restaurant for dessert. May I say skipping the gym has never felt SO good! 

Get ready to salivate...haha

L'eto, Belgravia

Array of fresh handmade truffles

Didn't get to try any truffles but who is coming with me on the next visit?

This looks crazy good!

Cupcakes & L'eto's own preserves. 

After ooh-ing and aah-ing at their selection of desserts, I asked for something 'light' and I was suggested the Honey Cake. It looked like the largest cake on their display but apparently it is delightfully light, so I said YES PLEASE!

My Honey Cake

Mister Rob's Chocolate Cheesecake

Mandarin mocktail & Spicy Ginger & Cinnamon Latte <3 DIVINE!

It doesn't look it but it was so light and fluffy!

Devilishly good, I'm reaching for my diary for my next visit! 


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