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Quickie trip to Cordoba - Spain

When Mister Rob had decided on Seville for our anniversary destination, Cordoba (World Heritage Site) was a key reason behind choosing the destination. He ensured we take one day out to discover the history of Cordoba, which was the heart of the Western Islamic empire dating back to year 756. The Andalucian city has an incredible amount to offer, from the ancient Mezquita, Calle De Los Flores, Roman Bridges, Judeira, to the Alcazar and much more! 

The sun was shining, so we headed to the train station, booked our tickets and hopped onto the train!...

Tickets to Cordoba, they cost approx €40

Walking from the station, at Cordoba, through the park to the Old city.

Clearly I was showing off the monument but Mister Rob clearly didn't get the point of my pose! haha

Stunning buildings we witnessed whilst walking through the town centre.

Horse carriages outside the walls of the Mezquita.

Arabic architecture dating back to year 756

Arguably the most significant monument in the whole of the western Muslim world.

The intricacy is beyond what architects can do in the modern world. 

Just to show you the sheer scale of the golden doors! Just imagine this was built centuries ago!

Roman bridge.

The doors that lead to the courtyard, which you have to go through to get to the main entrance of the Mezquita - Mosque Cathedral.

Inside the mesquite, the original flooring which has been preserved, and can be seen through the glass floor.

This is known as the infinity arches, as they look like they go on for infinity from certain angles. 

Ceiling architecture - evolution of the Omeyan style in Spain can be seen in its different sections, as well as the Gothic, Renaissance andBaroque styles of the Christian part.

The great Mosque is made up of two distinct areas, the courtyard / sahn, with its porticos (the only part built by Abd al- Rahman III), where the minaret stands - nowadays, encased in the Renaissance tower - and the prayer hall, or haram.

After spending time inside the Mezquita (which costs approx. €6) we ventured on discovering the rest of the areas in Cordoba and headed towards Calle De Los Flores.

This is cute, famous little alley which is decorated with hundreds of flower pots in bloom and has a wonderful view of the church tower from the top of the alley.

After lunch, we had time to visit a few more places before we had to head back to the station: 
In 1903, remains of Arabic baths were unearthed by accident in the area known as Campo de los Santos Mártires, which archaeologists found and restored it, due to its sheer size and significance. 

These baths were called hammam, and were situated next to what used to be the Omeyan Castle.

11th to the 13th centuries, the baths were used by the Almoravid and Almohad rulers. 

Judeira (Jewish Quarter) :

Our last pit stop! The Casa Andalusí is a 12th-century house, Quaint little 'museum' shedding light on Cordoba's forgotten past,  furnished with objects from Córdoba’s medieval Islamic culture which features Roman mosaic.

The invention of paper... exhibited a beautiful story of how paper was processed from every stage of production.

Quaint little rooms giving you the real experience of how one lived in the Andalusian times.

Heading back to Seville!

Adios Cordoba, till next time!

I absolutely loved strolling around this wonderful little historical town, experiencing how the Omeyens, Romans and ancient inhabitants lived to how the modern day inhabitants are living in their courtyard decorated villas. A real eye opener in European Islamic history which I never had a clue about other that what I had learnt in Spanish history classes. The Islamic heritage was so rich and opulent, if only I could go back in time! <3



  1. Wow! I was in Spain last year but unfortunately never got around to seeing Cordoba. It looks incredible - will definitely have to visit the next time I'm there.

    Loved the post!


    1. Thank you! I definitely would go again for a short break! There were still lots of places we didn't get a chance to see in Cordoba! <3 Spain.

      Fahmida x


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