Friday, 15 February 2013

The Luggage Room - Mayfair, London

After work on a Thursday evening Mr. Rob kindly met me and told me he was taking me to a "cool" place and he mocked in his high pitched voiced that I might say "OMG I've been here, this is lame!!!!" which is very typical of me, so I thought okay don't say anything!

Mind quizzing through all the wonderful places he has treated me to in London, I tried to guess where this 'cool' place could be and match my guesses with the route we were taking!

We exit out of Bond Street station. I'm thinking we're heading to Selfridges, but then we take a left away from Selfridges. Hmmm, mind still wondering... Till I realise we are heading to our Walima Reception Location, Marriott Grosvenor Hotel. Jokingly I say "eugh I've been here!!!! Goshhhhhhh!" ... BUT...

Instead of walking into the hotel we head to a dark painted door, no door numbers, no signs, nothing but a door knocker and an olden spy window...

He knocks, I'm thinking he is taking me somewhere dodgy to kill me, but then a lady slides the wooden panel on the spy window, takes one glance and opens the door...

We walk into a dimly lot corridor with low ceilings, greeted by a beautiful blonde lady who ushers us to take our coats. She then proceeds to take us into an exceptionally designed bar area.

The decor was beautiful, and the bar men all suited up with uniform bow ties, smart!

Had such a lovely evening sipping on the most taste bud tantalising mocktails, sardines and olives with my mister with jazz beats in the background. Perfect :)

Even though it wasn't too busy for after work in a weekday, the weekends get pretty busy as i was told. So if you're looking to take friends to a cool, relaxed bar with manly leather, dark wood and chesterfield-esque interior for some sublime mocktails, this hidden London spot is your place to go!

The Luggage Room:

Can't wait to go with my friends!


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  1. Hi Love your blog! This seems like a really cool place, are there any non alcoholic options? any recommendations for what to order?


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