Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hari's Salon - Kings Road, Chelsea 💇💆💁

Since moving to London I have not had a single hair cut because I'm SCARED haha! It's not funny, it's true! I am so attached to my hair that I'm petrified of going to a salon and getting my hair chopped of or not cut how I want it. Hair cuts for long hair are so expensive these days 🙍 so I had to do my full research and find the best place to go 📱💻📚.

The condition of hair has recently become so atrocious that I had no other choice of getting it cut.😔 The water in london and had literally stripped my hair of all the goodness, made my hair fall out and even the  black shade of my natural hair has become brown :( .... So last week I trekked around Kensington and Chelsea walking into salons, talking about who their best stylists are, which particular stylist is the best for long hair etc. I think that was the best thing to do, because online reviews scare me nowadays, even though a place is amazing one bad review instantly puts doubt in my mind and I'll never make a decision in that case. Walking in makes you get a sense of the place as well see the types of clients that go there. There were a few which looked really cool and contemporary from the outside but the insides were awful; hardly any stock of hair products on the shelves, and older clients with bob cuts, I'm sure they were good but not the type of place I'm looking for unfortunately.

After two days of scouring London, I went and booked a salon which caught my eye when I first moved here 10 months ago. I was meaning them back and forth explaining my hair situation and they recommended 3 stylist who would do a great job on long hair, so I went and picked one and booked myself in with Phu.

I arrived 20 minutes early expecting to wait around but they promptly took my coat and hat and ushered me to take my 'skulls' inspired seat. Phu introduced himself and we chatted about my hair and reassured me to not worry. I got my hair washed and the most fantastic head massage by Charlie.

Phu then started on my hair, we talked politics, world affairs and before I knew it he was almost done. I was tweeting whilst getting my hair cut and one of the receptionists noticed my tweet, came over and offered complimentary drinks. We took a few pics and I asked for my hair to be blow dried out. I usually hate blow dries as my hair becomes flat super quick and nothing holds in my hair. Phu suggested to pin curl my hair and I went for it. It turned out perfect! I walked out of the salon with the biggest grin and skipping down Kings Road *loser*

I have officially found my go to hair stylist in London :)

Image from google
Crusty ends. Dried, brown and split.

Phu, I and my cool skull station.
The glass bottle station next to me

And it's done! ... Complimentary latte in tow with my new layers.
My hair looking healthy and lovely layers!

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