Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lip Products - Guerlain

Back in November I came home to a little surprise on my dresser from Mr. Rob...

Lip products! Yes, my heart gushed to find out they were Guerlain products :D One was a gorgeous pink lip gloss and the other was possibly the most stunning red lip colour in possibly the best lip product packaging I have ever seen! I love how he got  me the best of both!


  • stunning packaging
  • fantastic red tone, with blue undertones (which makes your teeth appear whiter)
  • includes a mirror which is always good!
  • applicator is great for precision around the cupids bow
  • application is liquid but it mate as soon as it goes on the lip
  • lasts for the entire day, it literally didnt come off after eating and drinking the whole day! top up to make the colour a little punchier
  • Overall a fantastic lipstick!
  • wonderful packaging 
  • glitter particles are extremely fine so very subtle and wearable anytime of the day
  • opaque colour, I tend to wear it over lovelorn by mac
  • applicator is a good lipgloss size that picks up a lot of product unlike the bobbi brown applicators
  • applicator has a pointed tip for precision
  • texture is just right, not a sticky as the juicy tube by Lancome
  • Overall a very good lipgloss.



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