Sunday, 20 January 2013

Buddha Bar - Knightsbridge

Date night with the girls! 

We planned a much needed reunion with the each other after being apart over Xmas and New Years to catch up on Christmas festivities and new years shenanigans that went down in London, Dhaka and Dubai! 

With the Chanel's in tow we headed to the newly opened Buddha Bar in Knightsbridge for some cocktails, sushi and girly giggles.

The food was okay, and atmosphere could have been better but we weren't really fussed as we were all engrossed in stories, lots of instagram picture taking and laughter! We also headed to the bar area but didn't stay long as we weren't really impressed. Let me know if you have a better experience :) 

spicy shrimp and warm spicy salmon sushi and avocado

Birthday girl! <3

Mochi-choc souffle with coconut ice cream and salted caramel and chocolate sticks with vanilla ice cream. NOM!

Due to jet lag, I was sure to be dozing off around 9pm, so needed the espresso to keep me going!
Line up C's! <3



SKATE @ Somerset House

Why hello my gorgeous readers! 

Hope you're all nice and toasty inside with all your woolies on! It is absolutely freezing here in london, and with the extra snowfall last night everything has been beautifully covered overnight. Hopefully i'll get some time where I pop outside and get some nice pictures :)

Last week, we ventured off for a spot of ice skating in Somerset House. I'd heard lots about the 2011 Tiffany's ice skating rink so I was excited to see what they had this year. It wasn't sponsored y any brands this year, but it was stunning! I just remember walking in thinking how beautiful it was. With a stunning backdrop of the buildings stunningly lit and the festive decorations just made it look so festive. It was the perfect winters day and although I was excited beyond belief to skate, I kind of forgot how rubbish I was!! Oh, it was embarrassing. After an hour of skating, I was still waddling. Hopefully next year I can go a few more times and brush up on my pathetic skills haha. 

Entrance view of Somerset House

The waiting lounge.

Rink being prepped for us to go on. 


This is behind the Somerset House, we had time to waste before we started so we wandered around.

After we finished skating, we walked along the bridge and the views were stunning! London skyline was so pretty!

The Shard view.

London Eye view

The Savoy Hotel to the right. 

Party Boat! 

We then ventured into Covent Garden to get to the car, and it looked so pretty. We thought they were filming but no, they were taking the Christmas decorations down. FAIL! haha

Hope you enjoyed!


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