Friday, 16 November 2012

Sloane Square Evenings...

Out of the few places I have been in London, Sloane Square is probably my favourite. Just chilled out, has all the stores you need, lovely coffee houses and the Saatchi Gallery.

Ended up meeting my friend there for a coffee, chat, stroll and dinner. It was that lovely crisp cold dry wintery weather yesterday but beautifully sunny. As we met around 3.30pm the sun was getting ready to set and the lovely Christmas fairy lights were coming on. We wanted to go to the Saatchi Gallery but due to a private event we ended up having coffee and a lovely girly chat in the Mess Gallery. A large cappuccino, large lattes and hours had flown by! Afterwards we headed out and walked and window shopped till we were famished and stumbled into JAM on Kings Road.

JAM is a lovely cute restaurant, where the seating is a quirky bunk bed inspired layout! We insisted on sitting at the top, felt weird but tres cool. The salmon bruschetta was lovely but my salad was okay and my friend said her cos was mediocre.

Totally wrapped up haha, I look like a bear!

Coffee is finito! 

Sofia aka lady in burgundy!

 Lovely lights in Sloane Square. Didnt get to get pictures of the tree and Peter Jones lights. Another excuse to go back!


Sophia's Chilli spinach, mash and cod. 

My salad with artichokes and avocado! mmm.



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