Monday, 22 October 2012

France, Nice - Day 1

Not been blogging much recently as I was completely wiped out by the awful flu that is going around. The type where you feel groggy, your skin is awful, you have no appetite, tastebuds aren't working ... you get the picture right? ... Well Mr. Rob had a trip to France for work and since i'm not currently employed I thought i'd tag along for the ride!... Thankfully I recovered in time as it was beautiful and loved every minute...

Here are the pictures from Day 1, enjoy!

Goodbye England!

Bonjour, France!

Walking around the town in the evening and heading to dinner.

Everything looks like the pictures in the school french textbooks! Encore Tricolor! haha

Looking awful after the flight and the humid weather.

Lovely pasta!

Beautiful views of the forest in the far distance! 

Day 2 in Nice, France coming up shortly! Stayed tuned <3


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