Wednesday, 31 October 2012

France, Nice - Day 4

Aaah the last day in Nice was lovely. The sun was perfectly high in the sky with beautiful bright blue skies. We mistakenly booked our flight back for the saturday when we could have spent Sunday there too. But luckily it worked out as the day after we flew out, France has been hit with a terrible storm.

Looking by these pictures can you believe there was thunder and lightening to follow?!

The Coast was literally a walk away. Wish we had more time here though :(

Pebble beach.

LOL at the man. Oh dear >_<

Russel & Bromley loafers.

Pesto! mmmm <3

Sunset as we walk away.


Till next time France! <3

Au revoir.



Thursday, 25 October 2012

France, Nice & Ville France Sur Mer, Day 3


It is such a grim day in London. Clouds are thick, heavy looking and dull, so what better to do than looking through my France photos and reminisce on the amazing time I had?!

Day 3 consisted of the usual, Mr. Rob had finished up with his conference early and since it was Friday and we had a little more time to spare with each other we decided to head off to a local town by the coast called Ville Franche Sur Mer. One of my best friend and her family lives between England and Ville Franche, and she told me we had to go visit the area!

We got ready, and we decided to hurry and catch the train which took practically 10 minutes to get there! We were in a rush as we wanted to get there in time for the sunset and to soak up the beautiful views...luckily we made it!

The views are beautiful, definitely want to go back another time!


These buildings are so PRETTY!

Getting on the train to Ville France

Billet! haha ... high school french lesson memories!

Arriving in Ville Franche in the hills!! 


Lovely strolls around the town <3

Such pretty alley ways <3

knock knock..anyone there?

Dinner by yatchs!

Sunset <3

Yummy small battered fish with lemon and a tartare sauce! nom!

Mr. Rob got snails... BARF! he said it was better than his main course haha!...apparently the marinade was off the hook!

Fishermans caught seafood of the day for the Rob.

My seafood pasta was majorly yummy. 

Louis <3 Jimmy! 

Waiting for the train and checking into our flights. 

Absolutely beautiful night.
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