Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Meeting My Hammy

Hello Lovelies!

Last friday, my BFF was travelling from Cheshire to London for the weekend! The BESTEST news EVER! haha.

We decided to meet up in Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush. It was the best thing seeing her after so long. We walked around looking in the shops and talking for a little bit before we decided to choose a place to have dinner and a proper catch up. It was between Wahaca and the Meat & Wine Co. But since I was fasting and pretty much could a horse at that time, we ventured into Meat & Wine Co.

We didn't make any reservations, but they had plenty of free tables even for a friday evening which was good for us. We got given the Halal menu and taken to our table. Although waiting for Mr. Rob who was taking his time we ordered our starters...get ready to salivate people :

Our Mains: 

After Mr. Rob finally decided to show up ;P ...he got this steak! ... that chilli sauce was So spicy!! eeek!

Hammy has the nicer pics that we took outside, so I don't have anymore :(

If you ever crave some Halal steak, definitely check this place out! nom nom nom!



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