Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Harrods - Jubilee Weekend

Harrods is one of the most well known shopping establishments in London. It is a shoppers dream to say the least! I remember going there as a child and have fond memories lunching there with my family.

Since that one time, I don't think I have been so since I moved to London I was extremely looking forward to going there. Spending hours there, we didn't even get to finish all the floors and departments!

They have everything you can name under one roof! Luxury at its finest! Additionally they have an array of restaurants, cafes and they occasionally have opera singers singing in the foyer near the escalators. Not seen that yet but hopefully on another trip!

Since I went during the Jubilee Weekend, there had the most amazing window displays! Very quintessentially British <3 ... enjoy...

Window Displays!

Cake displays! Scones <3

Coffee & Desserts @ Laduree in Harrods.

We skipped lunch and had desserts for days. mmm.

The toys section was probably my FAVE! 

The view from the escalators! How cool?

Replica of the Queen's Crown Jewels.

Outside - Queens Jubilee celebration!

Walking back home via the Mews.

These houses are the prettiest! <3 them.

This area of London has some pretty awesome buildings!



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