Thursday, 13 September 2012

Gold Medalist Olympian out in London!

After two days cooped up inside doing applications, I finally decided to head out! Plus I was meeting Mr. Rob to look for a birthday present for le madre!

Prior to meeting Mr. Rob, met up with my lovely friend Sophia in Bond street. We grabbed a Starbucks, and headed to the new Victoria Secrets store on New Bond Street (another post will be dedicated to that!). We browsed around the shops, catching up and then as we were walking towards Claridges, we spot a huge crowd of paparazzi... We then hover around to see who it was, we really don't recognise him to be honest, till someone shouted HE'S THE OLYMPIAN! Greg Rutherford, Gold medalist for Team GB long jump.



  1. wow, this must have been fab :) I remember when I was in london and screaming girl run after a car. Later on somebody said, that the boys from one direct were in that car. :D haha
    anyway... i love frozen yoghurt and you look fab, dear.


    1. It was such a lovely day and a nice surprise to bump into the olympian! OMG one direction?! haha I would have been running after the car too >_< hehe!


  2. Can't believe you saw Greg! So jealous! Those frozen yoghurts look delicious

  3. So amazing you got to see Greg!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy weekend Hun xoxo


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