Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Carnaby Book Exchange

Ahh London! Although I shall be a Northern girl for life, I have to say; London, I do love you!

One of the most wonderful things about living in London is being able to wander around aimlessly and stumbling across the most coolest, hippest, random, uber chic places ever.

Carnaby Book Exchange was one of those places. Hidden in the Kingsley Court off Carnaby Street, its a glass enclave on the ground floor.

  • Walk in
  • write a message in your book
  • put it in the bookcase
  • choose a book
  • sign which book you've taken and walk out

Pretty simple hunh? Love this place. I've dropped quite a few books off myself, but if you have anything lying around and in need of a new book (for free) head down there pronto.

Kingsley Court from the top...



Afternoon Tea, Darling?

The oh so British tradition of drinking tea, can now be found all over London! Endless types of aromatic and rare teas, tastebud tickling sandwiches and scrumptious scones and desserts! What more can one want on a fabulous afternoon after shopping and sightseeing?

Over the summer, Fortnum & Mason reopened their St. James restaurant and renamed it to the Diamond Jubilee Tea Rooms. The establishment has been selling tea over 300 hundred years, so I presume they know what they're doing!

Although we had not planned the visit, the word fabulous would be an understatement. Possibly the best afternoon tea I've ever had. From luscious tiffany blue decor to a black tie pianist playing in the foyer as you're greeted, the atmosphere and the menu was divine.

£38 per head, but worth every penny!

Over 90 wonderful teas from around the world! <3

My matching shirt and arm candy.

Mouth watering lime and mint cooler.

Tah-dah; possibly the best scones EVER!

The service was impeccable and since we replaced the ham sandwiches, they kindly kept offering us salmon and cheese ones!  

My darjeeling tea <3

I think I gave up half way through the cakes! It was WAY too much! 

Quote from Pooh Bear.



Thursday, 13 September 2012

Gold Medalist Olympian out in London!

After two days cooped up inside doing applications, I finally decided to head out! Plus I was meeting Mr. Rob to look for a birthday present for le madre!

Prior to meeting Mr. Rob, met up with my lovely friend Sophia in Bond street. We grabbed a Starbucks, and headed to the new Victoria Secrets store on New Bond Street (another post will be dedicated to that!). We browsed around the shops, catching up and then as we were walking towards Claridges, we spot a huge crowd of paparazzi... We then hover around to see who it was, we really don't recognise him to be honest, till someone shouted HE'S THE OLYMPIAN! Greg Rutherford, Gold medalist for Team GB long jump.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Haagen Daaz & M&M World

Last Friday evening the girls and I met up for a girly catch up plus they wanted to take me to Leicester Square's Haagen Daaz since I was the only one in the group not to have been there!

It was divine! If youre ever in the area make sure you go!

We then headed to M&M world to have a look but ended up there till midnight laughing, joking and taking tonnes of pics!

Amazing night with the girls, as always!



My Lookalike?

My friends sister thought the girl
On the left was me! My friend was like 'have you got tattoos since last time I saw you'. I think it's just the face shape?


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hanging out in Knightsbridge

My very good friend Mazher Abidi had given Mr. Rob and I a Venture Photography Experience. Having been very busy the past few months and the experience date running out, I called in to rearrange and they happily changed my date which was very lovely.

Even though the date was booked, we still really hadn't thought of any ideas till the night before! We took 3/4 outfits and a range of accessories which reflected us; Hummingbird cupcakes, Starbucks coffee, The Sunday Times, Apple Macs, iPads, Google Nexus...the hour shoot was so much fun and cannot wait to go to the viewing! ... Here is a snippet...

First stop ... Cutler & Gross Vintage since we had time to waste before our appointment

such a cool store

Venture Photography Studios - Knightsbridge

Mr. Rob in action

After the shoot, we headed off to Harvey Nicols to get something to eat. We headed to the 5th Floor Terrace. It was such abeautiful day to sit out and enjoy drinks and food! I had a lovely straberry, banana, oatmeal and honey smoothie topped off with lucky charms! When i saw the lucky charms, i was SOLD! nom!

Fat chips, olives and an espresso. Random combo but it was just perfect!

Off home, to watch some tv, blog and relax!

Ciao, ladies and gents! x

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