Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Geek Chic Glasses!

The overused title pretty much sums up this post!

Although it was absolutely freezing, last weekend I headed to Piccadilly Circus  in tow with my new Firmoo Glasses! Who said glasses are for those who have vision problems? Not anymore! They are a fashion statement and an accessory to any outfit! Every celeb has a pair and every girl should own a pair, prescription or no prescription! Geek chic ftw!

Once I got mine in the post, I was so excited to team them with my new tee and become the ultimate GEEK! The glasses are well made, you can choose your prescription online but I chose not to. I went for the black frame but with the brown sides to add a bit of variety. The inside pattern is really cute and they are a lovely simple pair that can be worn with a simple outfit or even with a glammed up outfit.

Get your FREE first pair at firmoo.com - click now!

Hope you enjoyed! And please go and place your orders via my link above! It's totally risk free, not satisfied, return them. Simple. If you do get them, post pics on your blog and link in the comments below.


Monday, 3 December 2012

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

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Bond Street Christmas Events!

Last week we had a call from EreƱo from Prada to invite us to a a Wine & Chocolate tasting event being held at Bond Street. Since I don't drink, I didn't care for whatever fancy wines were on offer but chocolates? YES please! 

Our plan was to go early and check out Ralph Laurent to pick some ties out for Mr. Rob to wear at my BFFs engagement coming up in December. As we are walking towards Bond Street, we noticed the road was closed for cars, people running frantically across the streets with bottles of Moet in hand and jugglers hanging around. Little did we know, the Christmas lights on Bond Street were being switched on that night. Every store had an event going on! It turned out to be another fabulous night of schmoozing in the fashion houses and sampling fabulous drinks and nibbles we well as checking out newly launched lines. 

Prada Wine & Chocolate tasting event.

These heels are back!

They had some amazing studded chelsea boots! *look behind me*
Signature mirror pose
Jugglers warming up the crowds!

Next we headed into Todds...

The burgundy and green trends on show in Todds!

Lit up stilt walkers were lovely!

Cartier had the most wonderful festive Christmas lights and had a bow design on like a present! tres cute!

Heading to the Dior Event. They had possibly the most stunning flower & fruit arrangements I have ever seen. Guavas, jasmine flowers, lychees and grapes were few to be mentioned! 

Pomegranate and lychee anyone?

Ralph Laurent had lovely carol singers! Reminded me of the movies!

We were then off to meet my brother for Dinner at the Dorchester and ended up having a stop in a gallery showing by Rana Begum. We spotted she had a traditional Bengali name and had to go in and show some support! Some fantastic pieces of artwork was on display! Do go check her exhibitions out!

Since my brother was running late, we headed to The Mayfair Hotel for some drinks! 

Finally, we were starved and ended up in The Dorchester - China Tang restaurant. We had ordered WAY too much food and by the end of it, all 5 of us were in a serious state of FOODCOMA! Nevertheless it was a wonderful meal, and lots of banter all round! 

I think I gave up on taking pictures of the mains as I couldn't move!

Hope you enjoyed the photos and can't wait till next years Bond street lights switch on!


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